The Crescent Sky picture
I’m just a little bird, sitting in the tree. Sing with me, sing with me.
— Regan Luth

Basically the story goes like this, in 2011 Anna Ratzlaff met Jason at Kwantlen Polytechnic University whilst going to school for music. Skip forward a few years where Anna Luth, Regan and Anna Ratzlaff all met in Australia in 2014 while attending Youth With A Ministry. Some years went by, Regan and Anna Luth got married in Alberta, and Jason and Anna Ratzlaff also got married in BC. In 2017 Jason and Anna Ratzlaff were on tour in Alberta with their own musical project, and asked if they could stay in Regan and Anna Luth's backyard after a Calgary show.


During this stay, music was shared, and a deep musical respect grew between both couples. In 2018 Anna Luth and Regan made the decision to moved to BC, so they could attend schools specializing in their talents of art and sound engineering respectively. With the two couples being so close in distance, they decided to try writing, and creating music. Since then, The Crescent Sky has played at the CBC Nooners Concert Series, opened for country artist JJ Shiplet, won the 2018 Emerging Artist Arty award, and played on numerous Canadian stages.


Fun things to know about us:

Musical Influences:
Anna Luth: Dallas Green, Rose Cousins, The Staves, The Oh Hellos, The Paper Kites, Bon Iver, Courtney Barnette, My Dad, Kina Grannis
Regan: The Paper Kites, The Oh Hellos, Joseph
Jason: The Staves, Typhoon, Connor Oberst, Ymusic
Anna Ratzlaff: The Staves, Bon Iver, Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Ben Howard

What did you think you would grow out of, but haven’t yet?
Anna Luth: I thought I would just grow more in general, but I didn’t.
Regan: ………
Jason: My old adidas shoes.
Anna Ratzlaff: Thinking something was chasing me up the stairs

One food you can’t live without:
Anna Luth: Cheese
Regan: Pizza
Jason: Ice cream
Anna Ratzlaff: Tacos

One instrument you wish you were proficient in:
Anna Luth: Clarinet/guitar, drums, piano
Regan: The Harp
Jason: Drums
Anna Ratzlaff: Harp and viola

Favourite album:
Anna Luth: Dear Wormwood by The Oh Hellos, and Lemonade by Beyonce
Regan: Dear Wormwood by The Oh Hellos
Jason: Ledges by Noah Gunderson, At The Bottom of Everything, The Way is Read by The Staves, White Lighter by Typhoon, Repave by Volcano Choir, YIC by Young In The City
Anna Ratzlaff: Ghost Stories by Coldplay (because we were only supposed to choose one……… Jason…….. ^^^)

One movies that made you feel deeply:
Anna Luth: 500 Days of Summer
Regan: This is Us (TV show)
Jason: Interstellar
Anna Ratzlaff: Lion

Favourite moment from The Office:
Anna Luth: Michael and Jan’s dinner party
Regan: Electric City music video
Jason: When Dwight and Jim truly become friends
Anna Ratzlaff: When Kevin spills the chili

Dream music collaboration:
Anna Luth: Henry Jamison… Snarky Puppy..
Regan: Bon Iver/Justin Vernon
Jason: Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
Anna Ratzlaff: The Staves

What inspires you to write music?
Anna Luth: I am usually inspired to write when I have a build up of unprocessed thoughts
Regan: Day to day encounters
Jason: For me, I have to write. It’s a part of my that I need to function.
Anna Ratzlaff: Emotional circumstances. Especially being upset, or angry.

What you listened to as a teen:
Anna Luth: City and Colour, Rise Against, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Billy Talent
Regan: Sister Act soundtrack (Oh Happy Day)
Jason: Country - Corb Lund, Allan Jackson, George Strait. Classic Rock - Led Zepplin, E.L.O., Neil Young, CCR. Techno/electronic - Daft Punk, Skrillex, Deadmau5. Punk - My Chemical Romance (The Black Parade…. on repeat ;)). Indie - City in Colour.
Anna Ratzlaff: Sia, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, City and Colour, and whatever else was popular so I could sing along with my friend music in the car

What is one of your favourite lines from a song?
Anna Luth:
”I arose with wings, and I am flightless
Someone’s carving a statue in my likeness
And I will never live up to this portrait
I’m just posing” - Rose Cousins
”Millions of peaches
Peaches for me
Millions of peaches
Peaches for free” - The Presidents of the United States of America
”Side walk holds diamonds like a jewelry store case
They argue ‘walk this way, no, walk this way"‘“ - Bright Eyes
Anna Ratzlaff:
”I’ve got a girl in the war Paul
Her eyes are like champagne
They sparkle bubble over
And in the morning all you’ve got is rain” - Josh Ritter