Northern Lights Officially Released!


It is with great pleasure that we are releasing our debut single, Northern Lights. This song was the first to be written out of all our music, so we thought it was appropriate to have it be the first song released.

As part of the creative process of this song, we commissioned Edmonton based artist and friend, Kyrsten Lofts to create the cover art. We sent her the song to listen to, and this cover art is what she created based off of what she heard. Here is her artist statement:

"Northern lights to me is a reflection on the cold isolation of loneliness. 'Like the winter deserted by the birds' is a line that initially struck me with a beautifully tense visual of a bleak and cold season. But yet within this scene we are also painted with the image of hope, a smile, a glimmer of life, a friend. This foreseeable transformation is the original inspiration for this image, both one of brokenness and breakthrough."

You can find the song here. We are so happy to finally be sharing a song that is so near and dear to our hearts with all of you.

Anna Ratzlaff